Since 2003, PRIMA PORTA Anitquities has offered a unique investment opportunity, enabling collectors to invest in internationally recognized works of art. The offer allows a full use of the potential of a well-established, strong and liquid global art market independently of local market conditions. Ancient art qualifies especially for those who care about their future retirement without being concerned in regards of economic depression, housing bubbles and high inflation.

An analysis of the ancient art market shows that Chinese works of art outperformed other types of assets such as bonds, real estate, stocks, commodities and noble metals. Ancient art does not depend on traditional investments and has virtually no correlation with any other type of asset. Chinese art is has been recognized worldwide for decades and is traded in a transparent manner.

Each work is scientifically tested by recognized institutions and is subject to an independent expert evaluation. The value and authenticity of each item is guaranteed.

We offer tailor-made solutions meeting your individual requirements. Please contact us for details.