Each work of art is selected by its universal beauty, artistic expression and historical context. To achieve this goal, PRIMA PORTA Antiquities acquires from sources like museums, art foundations, international collectors, auctions and galleries.

As a member of CINOA, the principal international confederation of Art & Antique Dealer, which has strict standards for accepting members, we feel bound to their severe code of expertise, quality, integrity and ethics. We have developed a tracabilty procedure for all ancient works of art, which is indispensable in the industry of the antiquities trade. Extensive analysis and historic recognition required to establish the authenticity of ancient works of art are conducted to ensure their authenticity. Many artifacts have tests performed by international laboratories confirming their individual age in a scientific way.

We believe in values and the authenticity of ancient works of art. Therefore we offer a flexible trade-up policy tailor-made for our customers, which is unique in the ancient art market and are explained in our Terms & Conditions. This enables us to offer an excellent warranty to our customers.